Wondershare Video Editor 7.5.0

Tool for editing videos on Windows 10, is extremely easy to use and features text templates

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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Wondershare Video Editor 7.5.0
Wondershare Video Editor 4.0.1

With the Wondershare Video Editor, video editing loses a lot of the difficulty it once had because you can now quickly and easily edit your videos, and you don't have to hire a professional because the software works right in the home. This fast and powerful software lets you edit all the videos you have captured during business, and it makes your casual trips more enjoyable.

What's New?

The first new element of Wondershare Video Editor is how you create video files. As you do this, you will choose the aspect of ratio for the video, and this will range anywhere from 16:9 to 4:3. After you have created the project, you will add the media files to your system. You might also add the videos from the files so that you can capture the live recording on the webcam. You gather up this information from the library, and you will drag and drop it onto the timeline within the order desired.

A Little Information About the Editor...

First, you will have a sample video where you have colored slides, and many of them have been built right into your software. When you visit the editing options, you will see how all the basic and fundamental features exist there for editing your videos. You can adjust the hue, brightness, contras and saturation, and you will even have the option to rotate or flip your clip. You can crop the complete video without a problem, and the cropping can be done within two aspect ratios. When talking about the audio editing of each clip, you will first detach your audio clips and use them in another place. You might also delete an audio clip and record a voice-over for the software.

How Recording Works

One of the more interesting ends of Wondershare Video Editor relates to their "Flash and Hold" feature. You have the option available, and once you hit it, an awesome effect takes place where you add it to the front of your video. This flashes into the clip and it comes out. With most of the clips, it winds up looking fantastic. Next, you have the Power Options. This amazing host of features lets you change up your clip. For example, if you select the tilt shift feature, you can focus on the desired portion of your video. Meanwhile, the rest of the area will look blurry and unfocused.

Unfortunately, Wondershare Video Editor isn't free to try, but you can still see the benefits of using this program. Who can profit from this software? Anyone who wants to do the video editing themselves over hiring an editor will find the benefits of using this software.


  • Lets anyone edit their videos to their liking for better results, and you don't have to hire a video editor.
  • Plenty of audio editing features to help you with voice-overs and complicated editing of software.


  • This software isn't free, and it will cost you.

Wondershare Video Editor is a Windows video-editing software suite with all the features you could ever need. Wondershare makes you feel like a one-person Hollywood film crew thanks to all their easy-to-use features that come standard with the program. You can highlight, transform, enhance, or change your video files as you see fit. You can even combine several videos together, split them apart, add music, insert text, or choose to include a variety of neat special effects.

A Few Of The Best Features.

Many of the features that come with Wondershare are fine-tuned to improve the user's experience. The Picture-in-Picture tool lets you place multiple videos inside a single frame. Multiple movies or clips can be layered over one another to tell one collective story. The playback speed of individual videos can be adjusted to your liking, whether faster or slower than normal speed.

Extracting and separating the audio from the video clip once required dedicated technology and software. It's now an included feature in Wondershare, and like the other features, It's easy to do, even if it's your first time using the program. Once extracted, the audio can be edited and manipulated separately.

The video file can also be edited and enhanced individually. As a matter of fact, enhancing video quality can be achieved with the use of a “one-click” enhance option. There’s also a tool for removing and replacing people’s faces. This is more for fun than anything. Mixing up the faces of your friend’s and family can be extremely entertaining.

Sharing The Video.

Once the video has been enhanced, modified, and is ready to share, Wondershare comes prepared with a few features to make sharing easier. It can instantly upload new videos to social media websites like YouTube and Facebook. If you prefer to share it in a more traditional manner, then you can use the DVD burning tool to burn the video to a standard DVD-R or DVD-RW. The video can also convert to a format more suited for today's mobile devices.

Wondershare Support.

One of the great things about the Wondershare Video Editor software is their customer support. Customer support tends to be extremely responsive; always responding within at least 24 hours. They are helpful and resolve problems more efficiently than many other support teams out there today. The included help files, wizards, and tutorials are more than enough to help people avoid most problems.


  • Easily separates audio and video tracks.
  • Instantly share to social media sites.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • Not cheap.
  • Can‘t add backgrounds.
  • Not great at fading audio in/out.

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